The Art of Line & Digital Art:
a Statement Engraved onto Blockchain

Callimetrics is a bicephalous association that creates and promotes digital artworks via virtual art gallery on Cryptovoxels.

Creating an exhibition space to showcase Kinotism,
our Lead Artist

Designing architecture on Cryptovoxels - Real estate & commissioned architectural projects

Discovering and link artists
with audiences

Behind Callimetrics

Sébastien Baldacchino, AKA Kinotism

Graphic Designer & Lead Artist @callimetrics

The work of Callimetrics’ lead artist, Kinotism has many influences, most notably the expressive art of calligraphy – an infinite creative source from which he borrows the abstract beauty of lines and rhythms.

Kinotism’s work explores the ‘art of line’ as it weaves its way between time, space and the artistic style of; ethnic and generative art, traditional and digital, figurative and abstract; applying a variety of script traditions classical and contemporary.

Kinotism worked as a graphic designer and art director with publicists for fifteen years, creating  2D visuals and motion designs for Christian Dior, Fred Joaillier, L’Oréal, Lancôme, Yamaha Motors…

A self-confessed introvert, Kinotism grew tired of the hectic lifestyle in Paris and headed to the more tranquil environs of the Luberon Valley in Provence. 

Fully embracing his nerdy side, the discovery of blockchain technology has been mind-blowing for Kinotism. His creative perspective has been totally altered by the introduction to engraving immutable ownership and provenance of art pieces. 

Marie Hyun-Hee Franville

Co-founder @callimetrics

Marie has been thrilled to be working in the blockchain space since 2018. With her team, her focus has been on video games – Light Trail Rush – with NFT economics, as well as building a game on the Sandbox metaverse.

Marie is a big fan of Kinotism’s work and a collector of his early art pieces. 

The opportunity to own digital art and use blockchain to authenticate it presents a truly engaging, valuable proposition.  These are the seeds that have germinated into the creation of Callimetrics.

Amidst the momentum around crypto art right now, Callimetrics believes the NFTs technology – Non-Fungible Tokens – presents a great opportunity in democratizing the discovery and empowerment of artists.